Document Imaging & Scanning

In today’s fast-paced business environment quick and easy access to information can mean the difference between success and failure.

Document Imaging & Scanning

In today’s fast-paced business environment quick and easy access to information can mean the difference between success and failure.

Frequently used documents need to be accessible within seconds, from various sites, simultaneously regardless of their format. Paper to digital conversions using Docscan’s imaging solutions enables efficiency and risk benefits to be realised whilst maintaining security, compliance and cost-effectiveness.

Key features of our facilities include

  • End-to-End outsourced service so records can be converted to a digital format with least hassle possible.
  • No limitation to specific software systems or data formats. .
  • Strict access control and secure communication links, allows documents to be viewed from different sites without posing a security risk.
  • Secure administration allows users to be added or removed, activated or deactivated as well as the resetting of user passwords.
  • A variety of specialised scanning devices are available to handle various volumes from small desktop applications to large back file conversions.
  • Multiple indexing fields allow for user friendly search capabilities.
  • Web based access requires no special software and allows 24/7 access to records via a Web browser.
  • Each document is immediately accessible, by multiple users in multiple geographic locations.
  • Digital records can easily be duplicated and stored at multiple sites forming a key element of any disaster recovery and business continuity strategy.
  • Flexible data transfer, backup and archival options include direct integration to customer servers via VPN or dedicated links.
  • Physical documents can be destroyed at the end of their legal retention period, but the digital image will be available for an indefinite period.

Docscan’s services include

  • Bulk Back-Scanning – bulk conversion of existing records to electronic form.
  • Off-Site Imaging – All imaging takes place at one of Docscan’s bureau facilities.
  • On-Site Imaging – An outsourced solution on your premises, either managed and operated by your staff, or Docscan’s imaging specialists.
  • Image-On-Demand (IOD) – Not all records needs to be scanned and stored electronically in advance.  For records that are seldom retrieved, IOD offers a cost effective solution, where you only pay for highly selective scanning, as required.
  • Image Hosting – All scanned images are stored off-site at a highly secure facility accessible only to authenticated staff via the web.

Imaging provides quick access to business critical documents.

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