File Tracking Software

Managing an in-house filing system effectively, without an electronic file tracking solution can be challenging.

File Tracking Software

Managing an in-house filing system effectively, without an electronic file tracking solution can be challenging.

This is especially so when records are used on a daily basis and are not suitable for offsite storage. Docu-Track is an innovative software package designed by Docufile that enables you to manage the complete life-cycle of your records system in-house.

The Docu-Track system allows you to follow or track a document’s movement throughout your premises keeping audit trails of all activity. Various management reports can also be put in place to keep control.

Key features of the software include

  • Docu-Track is flexible and modular and is adaptable to your organisations changing demands. The system is fully scalable with unlimited capacity.
  • Clients can make use of Docutrack to manage their physical files as well as to link scanned images to a specific file.
  • A complete site inspection ensures that the system is set up to meet the client’s specifications and internal procedures.
  • The client is able to administer all documentation.
  • The client has the option to use fixed or random locations.
  • All movement in the document’s life-cycle is audited. This includes capturing, storage, retrieval and destruction of records.
  • As documents are kept on the client’s premises, the files are available immediately.
  • Where records managed on Docu-Track are sent to off-site storage a location update is all that is required.
  • As the file’s movement is tracked as per the client’s specifications, locating the file’s current position is accurate and fast.
  • You can send electronic images to Docu-Track from any Multifuctional Device or Photocopier.
  • Security of documentation is guaranteed as security codes are used and access is limited to authorised personnel only.  Docu-Track also supports security technologies such as SSL on-line data encryption (up to 168 bits), digital signatures and certificates.
  • All files managed on Docu-track are barcoded.
  • As a management tool, Docu-track enables companies to create accountability within their filing environments.
  • Docu-Track is a Windows application using universal communication standards in a web browser.

On-Site records management life-cycle software

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