Off-Site Data Storage

As our reliance on computers and electronically generated data grows, our vulnerability to IT disasters escalates...

Off-Site Data Storage & Hosting

As our reliance on computers and electronically generated data grows, our vulnerability to IT disasters escalates.

The scope and scale of such disasters are constantly evolving.  Many companies have already experienced power surges, theft, hard drive crashes, data corruption, computer viruses, sabotage, natural disasters, espionage / hacking and human error to name a few. Docufile provides a comprehensive solution in a dedicated and high-spec off-site storage Vault facility.

Key features of our facilities include

  • The data vault is situated inside our off-site records storage facilities, thereby leveraging existing security and monitoring systems.
  • A SABS approved facility where temperature and humidity is controlled to ensure data is stored under optimal conditions.
  • The first facility in South Africa to make use of NAFS125 gas suppression system.
  • FM200 gas suppression system for additional protection.
  • Vaults are in an access controlled environment, equipped with VESDA®, Rentsec® and VAMSA® monitoring systems.
  • Access to the Vault is strictly limited to authorised staff.
  • High quality steel canisters with thick insulating liners are used for storage media within the vault as an additional layer of protection.

Docufile’s Off-Site Data Storage & Hosting services include

  • All media is sealed in steel canisters at your premises, keeping it safe from inadvertent disclosure and protecting the integrity of your data.
  • Transportation of media is done by dedicated Vault facility drivers and branded vehicles with tracking devices.
  • Strict security measures and best practices are applied to every item collected.
  • Flexible rotation schedules are available including daily, weekly, monthly or annual.
  • Reporting includes verifiable chain-of-custody reports, audit trail reports, inventory and compliance audits.
  • The vault is available for emergency service 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Docufile provides secure disposal of end-of-life media, with our environmentally friendly yet secure Shred Shed facilities rendering the media both unreadable and unrecoverable.
  • Our web-based hosting services are easily deployed and are scalable allowing for a cost effective solution.
  • The vault integrates with the Docscan image hosting facility which offers a highly secure environment where scanned images can be retrieved using predetermined indexing and search criteria.
  • Web-based access allows simultaneous access by multiple users 24/7.
  • Off-site hosting forms parts of your disaster recovery and business continuity strategy.

Docufile’s vault ensures that your data is safe and secure at all times

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